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Autoclaim is the future of motor insurance

A holistic digital solution that connects the entire industry ecosystem from driver to insurer to service center, Autoclaim simplifies and eases the most stressful part of the motor-owning experience: accidents, repairs and recoveries. Our future tech-enabled platform uses AI and machine learning to improve the claims experience for all stakeholders.
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For consumers

Autoclaim saves time, effort and worry, moving the entire claims, repair/recovery and returns process online smoothly and efficiently, while providing transparency and clarity at your fingertips.


For insurance companies

Autoclaim eliminates paperwork, maximizes efficiency and productivity while reducing costs, helps build better relationships and helps provide better customer service while ensuring real time snapshots of your business activity.


For service providers

For surveyors, service centers, garages and other specialists, Autoclaim expands your network and reach instantly, expanding your client base and awareness of your services and accessibility. It also accelerates your move to digital and streamlines your payments.



Autoclaim includes multiple access pathways populated according to your specific needs. Each user will receive a unique ID and password allowing access to multiple functionalities.

  • Batch-upload fleet and individual vehicle and owner details
  • Edit details and entries easily and securely
  • Receive and view key information including supporting materials
  • Map claims against policy details and limits
  • Approve claims instantly, communicate online with vehicle owners
  • Access a network of surveyors, authorized and other service centers
  • Track repair or recovery progress
  • Deep dive into financial records and see real-time metrics like payments
  • See cost savings and service improvements from increased productivity
  • Ascertain details of the vehicle, including an initial visual inspection of damages
  • Submit bids directly and securely
  • Contact clients for in-person inspection as needed
  • Reduce paperwork and minimize inefficiencies
  • Integrate into a larger network of insurance companies and surveyors
  • List business, contacts and location for easy searchability
  • Compete for business via bids
  • Communicate with all parties promptly and easily via digital tools and interfaces
  • Expedite the process and eliminate paperwork
  • Streamline payment processes via direct or indirect billing
  • Access the complete portal from a mobile device, via app
  • Easily upload pictures of any damage sustained, any supporting materials
  • Choose between authorized or out-of-network garage, recovery or service centers
  • Find convenient service centers with our map-integrated search
  • Have control over and visibility of the entire process from cost to timelines
  • Make payments and receive reimbursements online

Key Features

Highlights of the Autoclaim system include:



Award-winning, digital B2B and B2C claims platform



Integrated, secure system tracking all aspects of the claims cycle



Easy, intuitive dashboard functionality to suit companies of all sizes



24/7 backend IT and service support



Real-time business visibility



Simplified repair and recovery



Batch-add fleet, policy and owner details



Customized pathways for garages, surveyors, insurance companies, vehicle owners

Our expertise

Autoclaim is a cutting-edge insuretech product developed from long years of expertise in the insurance and claims processing industry. It is also a dynamic product: We will continue to make improvements to its functionality for consumers and industry users alike based on your feedback and our learnings.

By integrating next-gen technologies like AI, machine learning and more, we have been able to introduce fraud, waste and abuse (FWA) prevention elements for corporate users, for example, in addition to improving functionality and ease of use for consumers through an easy-to-navigate enhanced mobile app.

Our unique and wholly owned IP is the backbone of this seamless, intuitive and purpose-built solution; paired with our 24/7 customer support, you can be assured of a simplified, effective and best in class offering from the day you join.

The new Autoclaim platform, in short, understands and caters to the needs of insurance industry stakeholders, as well as offering a smooth transition for new partners.


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